Hello, My name is Bethany. We are a vaping couple that has been using vape products since the very beginning, Things have changed since then, the vape products are much better and a lot more reliable.  We learned real fast that with two of us vaping all the time it just gets to expensive to be able to support the local vape shop all the time. We are always looking for the lowest cost vape vendors that are reliable. The vendors we use must  have the best pricing online, have great customer service, and have reliable fast shipping. Our vape vendors list will always be changing as we find the best vape deals,and best vape discounts from vendors. We buy from several vendors at different times. We target the ones that are always running great vape deals and always offering major vape discounts on all vape supplies. Most of the time we have to buy vape juice from some vendors and vape hardware from others to get the best vape deals overall. We have one vendor we just buy coils from because they are the best priced for just that item..

            Along with vaping, I have many other passions that I love. I love fashion, especially foot wear. I love animals and have several pets myself. I love tattoos,  though I only have a few small ones. Foot tattoos are really my favorites. Vape Modeling, Vape Girls.      

Bethany...... bethanyglynnkc@gmail.com

Some of my favorite non-vape sites to shop

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